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What Should You Look For in a Voice Teacher?

This week in my private CWVS Clubhouse Facebook group, Lucia asked: “What would you consider red flags for voice teachers?” Lucia had been studying with someone who was well aligned with her vocal goals a few years ago. She recently started studying with them again, only now to realize that this teacher was leading her to […]

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I'm Chelsea!
Broadway vocal coach and voice teacher specializing in mix voice technique, musical theatre and pop styles. IVA Certified Teacher & IVA Ambassador
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Have you ever struggled for a high note, felt out of breath after singing a single phrase, or experienced a break in your voice? Have you ever hoped to train your voice to sing in multiple styles but felt limited by your current abilities? If so, you’ve probably longed for a magic bullet that would […]

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learn to sing with a mix voice like Ariana Grande, Ben Platt, Brendan Urie, Whitney Houston

How do I find my Mix Voice? And what is mixing anyway?? Have you ever tried to go for a high note and been thwarted by a massive crack in your voice? Have you ever wondered how to eliminate the break between your low notes and high notes? Learning how to mix should help you […]

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“Placement.” It’s a word singers love to use. I’d say it’s right up there with “breath control” as one of the terms singers use most often! But what is placement? And how do we actually find the “placement” we’re looking for? Shooting hoops—what leads to good placement? Let’s compare vocal placement to shooting a basketball. (Go with […]

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You’ve arrived at the climax of the song- this is it! Here come the big, exciting notes everyone is waiting for! And…! You completely run out of steam, breath, or vocal stamina and you crack, gasp for air, or pass out (ok, hopefully not that last one). Here’s a three-step process to give your best […]

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Have all your plans for 2020 been ripped into a million tiny pieces and then dumped into the Hudson? Yeah, mine too.  On March 13th, I drove out of New York City and headed to Milwaukee, WI where my boyfriend Jordan lived. I expected to be away for a few weeks, max. In the meantime, I’d just […]

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Chelsea Wilson teaching voice lessons online

Do Online Voice Lessons Work? Don’t take my word for it! I was worried starting Skype lessons. Are they as good as in-person lessons? And the answer is YES! The sound quality is a lot better than you would think and Chelsea is more than capable of hearing what’s going on in my voice. And […]

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Some of the most recurring comments I hear from students in their first lesson with me go something like, “I need to fix my breath, “I’m trying to figure out my breathing, “I need more support and more breath,” and my favorite, “My last teacher worked with me on my breath support primarily and I […]

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