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We believe that singing should feel as easy as speaking. Each lesson is specifically tailored to you and your needs and goals.

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real talk:

Is your voice holding you back?

We know how to fix that.

How Voice Lessons Work:

1. Personalized plan

In your very first lesson, we will identify what factors are keeping you from feeling and sounding your best, and then develop a tailored, specialized vocal exercise routine to address your needs.

2. mixing mastery

Learn to smoothly transition through your registers, access high notes with ease, and develop strength and confidence. We place a particular importance on learning to mix, meaning blending your low, middle, and high registers to find one, balanced voice.

3. style & artistry

Vocal coaching, audition preparation, and the practice of repertoire is all included, but a high priority is placed on proper vocal technique. Once you have that, you can sing anything!

We get it, and we can help

Each of our trusted teachers is a certified Institute for Vocal Advancement instructor, having completed years of training learning how to teach.

Learning to sing is not a one-size-fits-all experience, which is why we've been trained to identifying your strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized plan for you.

You'll feel a difference in your very first lesson

Location and Cost

online lessons

Currently, all of our CWVS teachers are available online. Yes, voice lessons online really do work!

Chelsea is located in the Eastern Time zone, Brooke and Renee are located in the Pacific Time zone, and Erin is on Mountain Time.

Lesson rates and costs

Chelsea's lesson rates are $150 per hour, $75 per half hour.

Renee's lesson rates are $135 per hour, $67.50 per half hour.

Brooke's lesson rates are $100 per hour, $80 per 45 minutes, and $60 per half hour.

Erin's lesson rates are $95 per hour, $71.25 per 45 minutes, and $47.50 per half hour.

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"Every time I go on [for Elphaba] I do recorded warm ups of ours. I don’t say it enough: I am so thankful for you. You’ve changed my life in more ways than I can say.”

Elphaba standby on the wicked national tour

- Emily Kristen Morris

Yes, Voice Lessons Really Work!

Jake got his voice back

“When I first came to Chelsea, I was coming off a vocal injury.  Not only did she restore my voice, she restored my confidence in singing.

- Jake Swain
MEAN GIRLS on Broadway

Megan booked her second Broadway show

“I have to send you a massive THANK YOU for guiding me these past few months in the belt/mix world. It’s really paying off.”

- Megan Ort
SWEENEY TODD on Broadway

Ashley keeps singing through a busy schedule

"Whenever I need a refresh with my vocal cords, I use my voice teacher/sweet sister Chelsea's vocal warm-up series."

 - Ashley Park
TONY Award Nominee, Star of Emily in Paris, Joy Ride, and more

Choose the teacher that's right for you

Chelsea Wilson
Brooke Solan
Erin Wilson
Renee Maranan

Institute for Vocal Advancement Certified Instructors

Between us, we're musical theatre experts, pop and songwriting aficionados, and a Speech Language Pathologist

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Four teachers, four fresh perspectives

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Experience what it's like to make progress (and a plan!) in your very first lesson.

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