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If you've ever felt unsure of your next step as a singer, I get it. Here you'll find the most practical tools to help you take your next step. 

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The fastest way to make big strides towards your singing goals. Take lessons from any of our four Chelsea Wilson Vocal Studio instructors.
Available worldwide, online. 

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Warm-Up Series

Need an on-the-go vocal warm-up that takes all the brain power out of what to do? Just press play on any of my three warm-ups, for belting, mixing, or singing legit.  

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Broadway Vocal Coach

My full-service training platform for professional and aspiring actors. Courses, podcast, memberships & more. Plus, our MT college audition prep program for high school seniors.

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Private Voice Lessons

"Whenever I need a refresh with my vocal cords, I use my voice teacher/sweet sister Chelsea's vocal warm-up series.
And the bonus is that hearing my friend's voice is like a hug to any nerves."

- Ashley Park


I'm a performer turned voice teacher turned champion for artists creating sustainable and fulfilling careers.

Hold onto your hat, this story is a wild one! (Does anyone still wear a hat?)

About me

Free vocal warm-up

5 minute Mix Building Singing Warm-up

Smooth out your break and vocalize through your entire range with this simple, five minute singing warmup video.


Top resources

Learn to sing like Christine Daae

These are the actual exercises I've used in my work with the Broadway and touring casts of The Phantom of the Opera.

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FREE Legit-Style Vocal Warm-up

Avoid stylistic mistakes and get your Golden-Age material ready with this guided warm-up. 

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FREE Self-Tape Guide

With tips directly from top NYC casting directors, I've created the simplest how-to guide to create self-tapes that book.



             should feel as easy as speaking. 


In your very first lesson, we will identify what factors are keeping you from feeling and sounding your best, and then develop a tailored, specialized vocal exercise routine to address your needs.

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Real talk about the business, practical advice, and constant encouragement on the Broadway Vocal Coach Podcast. Consider us your two-woman hype team. 

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