Love in the Time of Corona

June 24, 2020

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Have all your plans for 2020 been ripped into a million tiny pieces and then dumped into the Hudson? Yeah, mine too. 

On March 13th, I drove out of New York City and headed to Milwaukee, WI where my boyfriend Jordan lived. I expected to be away for a few weeks, max. In the meantime, I’d just move my lessons online- a format I’m extremely comfortable with since I’ve been teaching online for nearly a decade. 

Later in March, Jordan and I road tripped to Utah where we planned to quarantine with family for a time. We’re both from Utah and our parents lived just a few hours away from each other. 

Well, a few weeks turned into many weeks. The winter clothes I brought with me from New York soon proved obsolete and cumbersome as temperatures climbed to the 90’s in Southern Utah. The time we spent with family was both a huge blessing (when would we ever be able to spend this much time with them, ever?!) and also challenging. We missed our own homes, routines, and lives. 

I know you are familiar with the story I’m telling you. So many of you have lived this exact scenario over the past three months. It’s been hard. Exhausting. Frustrating, saddening, and anxiety ridden. 

And yet, it’s also been wonderful. 

On May 5, 2020, Jordan Reading and I eloped in my parent’s backyard. Our parents and grandparents were present and our siblings, nieces and nephews watched via Zoom. It was the most special and beautiful day. I feel outrageously lucky to have Jordan as my partner in life, and somehow eloping during the middle of a global pandemic seemed par for the course for our whirlwind relationship.

(Did I mention… Jordan is a world-class pianist and a pretty fantastic singer. Oh, and super handsome, kind, and he loves Musical Theatre. *I won the jackpot, folks*)

We found ourselves back in Milwaukee, figuring out what was next for us. Returning to New York was always the plan for both of our careers. However, coronavirus has put an indefinite hold on in-person lessons and we’ve made the tough decision to stay in Milwaukee through the end of the year. 

Not much will be changing for the studio- online lessons will continue! I’ve loved keeping up with so many of you via Skype/Facetime and appreciate your commitment to your craft. Whether you’ve continued with lessons during this time or not, my only hope is that you keep singing! 

My heart has been on a roller coaster ride for months- saying even a brief goodbye to New York has been incredibly difficult. But, if I’ve learned anything in the past six months (or year, or two years) it’s that life has a way of working out for our good, despite our best attempts at planning. 

I wish for you peace of mind and strength during this crazy time. I hope that you find beauty in your surroundings, whether that’s your apartment in Washington Heights or the guest room at your parent’s house. I hope you are kind to yourself and others. I hope you know that I’m thinking of you, your goals, dreams, and struggles. I hope you hold space in your heart for the hope that things will turn around. I have to believe that goodness we couldn’t have imagined is just around the corner. 

If you’ve read this novel, congratulations! And thanks for being part of my life, both personally and professionally. Truly, it means the world to me.

I’d love to hear from you – how are you? Where are you? What unexpected gift has this season brought you? 

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