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We believe that singing should feel as easy as speaking. Each lesson is specifically tailored to you and your needs and goals.

In your very first lesson, we will identify what factors are keeping you from feeling and sounding your best, and then develop a tailored, specialized vocal exercise routine to address your needs. This kind of individualized plan will skyrocket your progress and at-home practice!

In lessons, you will learn to smoothly transition through your registers, access high notes with ease, and develop strength and confidence. We place a particular importance on learning to mix, meaning blending your low, middle, and high registers to find one, balanced voice.

Vocal coaching, audition preparation, and the practice of repertoire is all included, but a high priority is placed on proper vocal technique. Once you have that, you can sing anything!

But don’t just take our word for it– here’s what other students are saying about lessons!

Lessons and mentor sessions are also available to fellow Institute for Vocal Advancement teachers.

Location and price

Voice lessons are currently being held online via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime.

Chelsea’s lesson rates are $135 per hour, $67.50 per half. Brooke’s lesson rates are $70 per hour, $35 per half, and Erin’s are $70 per hour and $35 per half.

New, potential long-term students may receive their first lesson 50% off.*

*Does not apply to first lessons with Brooke or Erin.

Booking / Scheduling

Check out our available times by clicking the button below. Choose the lesson type you want and find a time that works for you.

Booking a lesson with us for the first time? Please send Chelsea an email via the contact form!

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