What are people saying about Chelsea Wilson Vocal Studio?


I would highly recommend taking Skype lessons with Chelsea. When you’re on the road singing the same material eight times a week, it is very easy to become complacent with your technique. I find Skype lessons incredibly useful because they reinforce my work ethic, and keep me striving to improve my voice in areas I may not sing in every day. Even through the computer, Chelsea’s ear is stellar in recognizing tension in my voice and diagnosing the cause of it, and giving me exercises to free up my cords.  It doesn’t feel like we’re in different time zones at all!”

“Working with Chelsea is like working with your extremely talented and knowledgeable best friend. Every lesson is filled with smiles, laughs, and progress with my voice that I wouldn’t have dared to dream about before working with her. She is an expert in what she does and she has completely transformed the way I approach singing. She has brought the joy back in singing for me, and amidst this pandemic that is what we could all use a bit more of.”

Kelsey Connolly

“What I love about working with Chelsea is that she gives you the opportunity to analyze and make sense of what you’re working on during a lesson.  I have a greater chance of success, especially on my own time, when I’m able to put into words how certain exercises felt or the difference I experienced in my voice after given a correction. Not only does Chelsea conduct a clear and efficient lesson, she is also super encouraging and supportive! She continues to give me the confidence and tools to vocally tackle 8 shows a week on Broadway!

connor gillooly

“Not only did she help improve my range, but my comfortability. Chelsea taught me that the voice is a deep, and endless abyss, there’s always something new to uncover.  Throughout our work together, Chelsea has equipped me with the technique and respect for my instrument that I will carry close for the rest of my career.”

jacob swain

“When I first came to Chelsea, I was coming off a vocal injury.  Not only did she restore my voice, she restored my confidence in singing. Over three months we restored my rock tenor, and even recreated some of my lost falsetto!  Oh, and she also helped me completely redo my book. You can trust Chelsea with your instrument.


“As a speech-language pathologist who specializes in voice rehabilitation, I bring my medical voice knowledge and sensibility into my educational theatre work. From the first time I watched her teach, Chelsea has demonstrated that she is highly knowledgeable about vocal anatomy and physiology and, even more importantly, can automatically translate that into practical, accessible instruction. She has the teaching gift of establishing instant rapport with many different kinds of young adult students while always eliciting focused work from them.  I have watched her completely transform many students’ voices over the course of a few short months, providing them with tools that open up parts of their voices they never thought they could access and helping them sing styles they never thought they would be able to sing.


“Chelsea has been such a help to me in expanding my range and finding new expressions. In my very first lesson with her she was able to pinpoint a habitual mistake and help me overcome it. Chelsea is always willing to listen to my concerns and let me try new things. I love the feeling that I have as I leave lessons with Chelsea; I can sing anything!”