A Gift For You- What Will You Be in 2017?

Let’s face it, this first week in January is just a transition week. Week two of the new year, now that’s when it’s time to get serious!

To help you with all the dreams, ideas, and goals you’ve got floating around in your imagination, I’ve created a little worksheet to get them on paper and into reality. Writing is a huge help to me- suddenly my thoughts are made real with pen and paper.

I challenge you to take five, ten, or fifty minutes to write down your goals for 2017 and how you’re going to go about meeting them. Will you learn a new song a week? Will you get into a good practice routine? Will you write a song? Record an album? Play your music for real live people? Will you embrace the unknown and go after what truly inspires you?

just for you, 2017 goals worksheet pages

Whether your goals are musical or not, get them on paper and amaze yourself with your potential this year.


2016 Resolution: Learn to Sing!

Why learning to sing should be on your 2016 bucket list

I have countless clients that come in to me with similar stories: “I always wanted to take lessons, but my parents thought I should learn a more relevant instrument,” “I could only take one extracurricular, and soccer always won out,” “I loved singing when I was young, but as I got older, I just never made the time for it,” “I think I might have a good voice, but I never learned how to sing properly.”

For some reason, singing often takes the backseat when it comes to musical training. Parents think it is not as serious of a musical skill, or as impressive on a college application as, say, the soccer team or math club. Even more so, people believe that you’re born with or without natural singing talent, which discourages many would-be singers from improving their voices.

Here’s the deal. Anyone can learn to sing. Anyone! And it’s never too late to start. Never!

I have a fantastic new client. She’s 65 years young and thrilled to finally be developing her voice in lessons. She’s enjoyed singing her whole life and has recently developed the attitude: what better time than now to do something for myself? Each week she progresses, and her dedication is evident in her hard work and improvement.

Your voice is the purest form of communication there is. Whether you enjoy singing in your car, in your choir, or at Carnegie Hall, singing is always a joyful expression. It’s an instrument you already own, constantly carry with you, and can keep your entire life. Learning to use it is an investment that will reap rewards for a lifetime to come.

Ring in 2016 with some joyful noise!