About Chelsea

About Chelsea

As a child, Chelsea regularly gathered her little brothers and friends and all the ‘costumes’ she could find to create full-length reenactments of Disney movies. This early passion grew into a lifelong love of music, theater, and performing.

Chelsea first studied voice with Keri Hughes in Atlanta, GA, a fantastic teacher who instilled in her a love of singing and a foundation of healthy technique. At age 15, Chelsea’s family moved to Southern Utah, where she began commuting to Las Vegas, NV to study with Jeffrey Skouson, then a master teacher with Speech Level Singing, and now the CEO and President of the Institute for Vocal Advancement.

Chelsea graduated from the University of Michigan’s prestigious Musical Theatre Program, where she studied with world class performance and voice teachers, performed in mainstage as well as original studio productions, and sang and recorded with the school’s award winning Symphony Band. She has enjoyed performing professionally both in New York and around the US as a singer and actress.

Although she specializes in musical theatre, Chelsea has experience in many genres and uses her strong background in technique to teach vocal skills in any style of music, and at any age or skill level. She is also the director of NY Pop Choir, a pop music choir for adults from any and all musical backgrounds.

Chelsea is a Mentor level certified instructor and member of the Institute for Vocal Advancement, an international organization dedicated to the education and integrity of voice teachers around the globe. She offers her services as a musical theatre expert through IVA’s elective program, training other teachers in musical theatre technique and performance. In 2017, she traveled to Mexico City and Seoul, South Korea, and in 2018 to Edinburgh, Scotland giving private lessons and public master classes.

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Chelsea is a founder of the online singing platform, The Balanced Singer. She is so excited about this growing resource for singers around the world!